Looking to improve your photography?
Let me help you take your skills to the next level

A typical IMAGES ABOUND photography workshop is spent outdoors in the field, working on camera settings and techniques to master exposure, depth of field, focusing and working with light. We’ll talk about image visualisation, lens selection, use of filters, and creative composition. 

During the photography course we’ll also spend some time looking at some post-processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom, and we'll finish up with an image review session to help you measure your own progress.

Our photography workshops are open to photographers of all abilities from beginner through to advanced, who are keen to learn from a professional, but are most beneficial for those with beginner and intermediate skills. 

Our FAQs page should answer most questions about what’s included, what to bring, and what you can expect to come away with from an IMAGES ABOUND photo workshop. If it doesn't, please contact us with any questions you might have about the courses we offer. 



One-to-one private tuition photography workshops can be arranged at any time between May and September, for one, two or more days. These workshops have a personal touch and are tailored to suit individual needs and photography experience. They are the most effective way of moving your photography skills forward. The learning is intense and the focus is on you.


Small Groups

Our small group size means that all participants get plenty of individual attention and we can cover a lot of ground. We run these photography classes on specific week-end dates between May and September, and overnight accommodation at our boutique lodge in Kaikoura is included, enabling us to be out shooting at the best times of the day. 


Muench Workshops

One of the leading operators in the USA, with world-class professional instructors and amazing trip itineraries across the globe, Muench Workshops come to New Zealand for multi-day workshops in the autumn, hosted and professionally guided by us. This is the ultimate workshop experience for any photographer. The workshops sell out fast, so sign-up early to join us!